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Commercial Disinfection Services

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SPA disinfects your building and gives you peace of mind. We offer disinfecting services in a range of situations and use the best commercial disinfectants.

Our Disinfectant Cleaning Services

The importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment is becoming more apparent than ever. Cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation were once a top priority in select industries such as food preparation and service. These concerns are now common in almost all industries. SPA has already spent years maintaining clean and healthy environments for retail stores, grocery stores, schools, and warehouses. We have vast experience and comprehensive disinfecting services to create safe and clean conditions for all.

We are experts at creating safe, clean and healthy environments. It is more important than ever that everyone who enters your facility is safe from bacteria and germs. Our commercial cleaning company is a specialist in commercial disinfection services, and can help reduce the risk of illness within your facility.

A thorough disinfection starts with a thorough, detailed clean.

In dirty environments, germs, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens thrive. Expert cleaning technicians are trained to eradicate pathogens using the best practices established by top government agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency. We don’t use the standard cleaning products you will find in stores. Instead, we use the most advanced green cleaning products available and disinfectants that we know of.

SPAs service provides the most current healthcare quality cleaning and professional¬†disinfection services for today’s disinfection needs. Our cutting-edge technology and protocols help businesses, schools, and manufacturing spaces create healthy environments.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services

These business disinfection services can be used in hospitals, schools and daycares as well as veterinary clinics and medical offices. High-traffic or sensitive businesses such as hospitals and clinics, can benefit from professional disinfecting services. Ask about commercial disinfection services, whether they are recurring or one-time.


High touch surfaces are disinfected by our team of experts to reduce the risk of spreading diseases and illnesses. This thorough work will make your facility safer for everyone who visits it.


While disinfection is essential, it’s just one of many cleaning services facilities that are required. SPA can also be used for your day-to-day cleaning needs. These services include general cleaning and hard floor cleaning as well as commercial carpet care. We are the complete-service provider for all your commercial cleaning needs.


Frequently asked questions about our

Commercial Disinfection Services

It is the process of eliminating viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, pathogens, and other microorganisms, through cleaning products and broad-spectrum ecological disinfectants, having up to 99.9% effectiveness. At SPA, we mainly focus on disinfection services.

Our professional experience allows us to provide our customers with safe, clean, and healthy environments for everyone. We use best practices and innovative procedures to help you achieve your goal of a clean, sanitized, and disinfected environment to reduce the risk of disease within your facility.

At SPA, we are proud to offer our disinfection service to various types of commercial disinfection customers for different work environments. Some examples include retail stores, supermarkets, schools, daycare centers, warehouses, hospitals, veterinary clinics, doctor’s offices, and more. From indoor cafeterias to outdoor playgrounds, we cover all areas to maintain clean and healthy environments.

All the products we use for disinfection have the approval of the governmental agencies of the cities where we provide disinfection services.

The products and disinfectants we use are highly effective and proven to kill any bacteria, viruses, fungi, and germs. We have a wide variety of products that, besides being environmentally friendly, are very safe for the health of our customers.

The time required to disinfect an area or a building depends on the conditions, mainly the size and type of the building. In some cases, it is necessary to establish a safety period of 3 hours in which the facilities have to be empty of people.

Our disinfection experts will inform you about the duration of the treatment after the inspection and the required level of service determined.

The duration of a disinfected building is variable; it can last for hours or days. If your facilities have a lot of organic residues or environmental agents, the disinfectant may act slowly to degrade them.

Contact our team of experts to analyze the appropriate disinfection service for your facilities according to your business needs.

It depends on the type of business and the purpose of the building. Buildings with a large number of visitors or which are more prone to contagious people will need more frequent disinfection treatments to ensure complete safety.
For example:
– Daily in areas where the presence of infected persons is constant (clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices).
– Weekly in crowded places (companies, offices, public transportation, hotels, restaurants), where the risk of disease contagion may occur.
– Every 15 days, if the place is not very crowded.
The disinfection process is a complementary safety measure to those recommended by health agencies, i.e., regardless of the development of a disinfection service, it is essential to carry out continuous cleaning of work areas with cleaning agents. Therefore, you can call SPA for your daily cleaning needs. Ask about our commercial disinfection services in Des Moines, either recurrent or punctual.