Industrial Cleaning Service

We provide expert industrial cleaning services.

SPA offers unparalleled industrial cleaning services for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial buildings. Safety is a top priority in industrial settings. We offer cleaning services that are trackable and can be checked to ensure our high standards of cleanliness. We are constantly monitoring our performance to ensure we achieve the best quality and efficiency.

Our professionals work professionally. We are known for being one of the most trusted and reliable industrial cleaning companies in the country.

Whether you’re at the end of your lease and need a deep clean of your warehouse to complete the dilapidation process or a specialist clean to clean an assembly line that has been contaminated, SPA has the expertise and experience to do the job to the highest standards. Over the years, we have been able to work on many different sites, including sensitive areas such as military engineering units, flour mills at high levels with combustible flour dust, scientific laboratories with clean zones and food manufacturers that need to control bacterial contamination. We design custom cleaning solutions for industrial clients because industrial sites are so diverse in terms of size, scope, and usage.

We are one of the most reputable industrial cleaning companies

As they are the foundation of our success, we believe in investing in our employees. Industrial cleaners have been specially trained to work on high-level scaffolding towers, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers. All industrial cleaners hold the required IPAF qualifications.

We also train you in the safe use and maintenance of industrial cleaning equipment like scrubber driers. Rotary buffers. steam cleaners.


All industrial cleaners are compliant with all health and safety regulations

Our customers and staff are at risk. We create method statements and site-specific risk assessments for all contracts. COSHH datasheets are also available, as well as copies of our Health & Safety Policy.

Our cleaners work on a local basis across the UK. This reduces our carbon footprint in comparison to other companies. Because our employees don’t have to travel far to do their jobs, they are able to save fuel.


We offer an extensive range of industrial cleaning services

  • Hard floor mechanical scrubbing and degreasing

  • Equipment & Machinery Cleaning and Degreasing

  • High-level cleans include roof girders and cable trays.

  • Offices and staff welfare facilities

  • End of lease cleans for industrial units

  • Exterior cleaning (cladding and windows, signage, etc.)

SPA Offers

  • Professionally trained janitorial specialists
  • Advanced green cleaning products
  • Cleaning techniques and processes that are industry-leading
  • Flexible cleaning schedules
  • Financial institutions require specialized expertise

Interested in Industrial Cleaning Service?

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