It’s not surprising that your warehouse is prone to germs and dirt due to foot traffic and product movement.

This grime can make your facility smell bad and cause injury to staff. Poor cleaning products and methods can create hazards. For everyone to be safe in your workplace, you need reliable solutions.

SPA Cleaning Services can ensure that your employees have clean and sanitary working conditions. Our services are able to eliminate workplace hazards caused by uncleanliness, while also saving you time as well as stress.

Warehouse cleaning services will make your warehouse look great. Our experts know how to use the right products and equipment to clean your workplace. This will promote safety and productivity.

Warehouse Cleaning Services

Your warehouse is designed to withstand heavy loads, motorized equipment, and constant foot traffic. However, dirt and grit can cause them to become sticky and dingy over time. The same dirt can also cause slippage underfoot and damage your equipment.

You and your team don’t have the time or ability to do thorough cleaning during work hours. Amateur cleaning can pose even greater hazards. SPA Cleaning Services can help you keep your warehouse clean and in top shape.

Our comprehensive commercial cleaning services provide warehouses with the cleaning they need to keep employees safe and on task. We will customize a cleaning plan to meet your specific goals and needs.

Voici quelques-unes of the warehouse cleaning services we offer:

  • Warehouse floor cleaning and care.
  • Janitorial services.
  • Services for disinfection
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings
  • Odor remediation.
  • Power washing

S&G will take care of your warehouse and employees, so you don’t have to worry about any wear or damage.

We will clean your place according to your needs and complete the job in a professional manner. Our cleaning solutions are strong on dirt and protect your facility from any damage.


COVID-19 Cleaning Services

You don’t know who might have opened the shipment when it arrives at your warehouse. You don’t want to transmit infectious diseases via shipments.

SPA Cleaning is able to prevent the spread and spread of coronavirus, as well as other diseases with its expert disinfecting services.

While we use disinfecting products in our regular warehouse cleaning service, we also offer an emergency sanitizing service for when you know your facility has been exposed to dangerous pathogens. Our infection control team disinfects high-touch areas with disinfectant fogging, which kills all airborne germs from floor through ceiling.

Even if there are no confirmed cases, regular cleaning and sanitizing is the best way to prevent disease transmission in the workplace. Talk to SPA Cleaning today to discuss the COVID-19 cleaning service you would like for your warehouse.

Why SPA Cleaning Services

Do not trust anyone to take care of your warehouse or staff. SPA Cleaning has been serving commercial properties for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve built a five-star reputation among our clients thanks to the quality of our work and personal attention to your needs.

Our crew is simply the best at what they do. Each cleaning crew member is trained with a keen eye for detail and flexible work ethic. You can be sure you get a flawless clean every time. To keep everyone up-to-date on the most recent commercial cleaning techniques, they receive “refresher” training.

All of our employees have been through background checks and are insured/bonded. They arrive in uniforms and drive company vehicles so that you can identify them when they visit your property.

SPA can work around your schedule. Flexible booking is available so you can receive your warehouse cleaning service whenever you need it and when you prefer. We can schedule your cleaning service for a daily, weekly or biweekly basis. We also offer one-time cleaning services.

SPA Cleaning is here to help you run your warehouse, whether we answer your questions or provide superior cleaning. We take the stress out of cleaning and create a safe environment for all employees at your facility.

SPA Cleaning Services is available to help you maintain a clean warehouse or to improve your warehouse cleaning service to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Start with a free estimate, and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your warehouse cleaning needs.

SPA Offers

  • Professionally trained janitorial specialists
  • Advanced green cleaning products
  • Cleaning techniques and processes that are industry-leading
  • Flexible cleaning schedules
  • Financial institutions require specialized expertise


If you would like to request a quote for one of our products or services, please fill out the form below. Our representative will contact you shortly to help you identify the right solution for your business needs.

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