What aspects influence the price of office cleaning services?

Would you like to hire an office cleaning service but don’t know how much it will cost? The cost may vary depending on some aspects

Before hiring an office cleaning services for your company or business, we recommend you make a free consultation. That is why, in this post, we share valuable information about factors that can influence the price.

Which aspects influence the cost of an office cleaning service?

Each commercial cleaning company establishes its prices according to its criteria. But there are factors usually considered to set the budget model for this type of service, according to the costs involved in the tasks performed.

Among the main aspects usually considered when calculating the price of office cleaning services, the following stand out:

Hours that the service will last

When contracting an office cleaning service, the company sends one of its expert professionals 2 or 3 hours a week to carry out the necessary tasks. Depending on the client’s needs, a budget is prepared to adjust the service to their requirements. The client can decide on a simple or a thorough cleaning.

If the client prefers that the professional attend one hour a week to provide simple support in specific tasks such as the maintenance of the bathrooms, the final price of the service may vary.

We make price adjustments for the office cleaning service considering the time used for each place to clean. Then, based on this, it will be possible to define the necessary hours to offer efficient and quality service.

The space to be cleaned

The price of the office cleaning service will also depend on the size of the area. The service provided to a company or business having more than two offices, a conference room, and a waiting room will not have the cost of a single room one.

It is also worth noting that the number of businesses or companies that require commercial cleaning services is increasing. Demand and competition in the area can also determine better or worse rates for the same service.

However, what most affects the final price of the office cleaning service will be the cost of the tasks to be performed.

Use of the area to be cleaned

In the cost of this service, it is also necessary to consider the use of the space. To setting office cleaning prices, it is crucial to consider the dirtiest rooms, which may require more time and effort, as it usually happens in bathrooms, entrances, or conference rooms. These spaces need more care to keep them always clean.

Clean to perform

The cleaning performed is another factor that can determine the price of the office cleaning service since it can be a thorough cleaning or just maintenance.

It is not the same to do a thorough and deep cleaning that includes furniture care, scrubbing floors, and other tasks, as it is when it is just maintenance of the area. This last, being a lighter service, naturally the cost will be much lower.

Schedule of service provision

The schedule also affects the final cost. Cleaning work during the day or at night has different prices.

Many companies prefer to do the cleaning service when it does not affect the performance of the employee’s tasks or inconvenience the customers. In this case, we use the mornings, before opening, or evenings.

Accountability and company performance

The price of an office cleaning service may also vary according to the level of compliance with the company’s regulations. For example, whether or not it covers the risks of Civil liability; and Occupational Risk Prevention Regulations, among others.

Products or equipment used

The final cost of the office cleaning service also may vary depending on the type of machinery, equipment, and cleaning products used to carry out the work. Some clients may request the use of the highest quality products; this will increase the price of the service. Or if they require faster cleaning or a specific machine to ensure maximum efficiency.

The budget issued by the company must provide a detailed breakdown of each of the services to be provided. And the prices for the customer to be fully informed.

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