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What is a residential cleaning service?

The Residential Cleaning Service is a personalized job performed and adapted to professionals, homeowners, and families who cannot do it directly. Our highly professional team is ready to offer meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence, ensuring a clean and refreshing home environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

We offer cleaning services in areas such as disinfection, window and carpet cleaning, among others. To provide a better experience, we have Customer Service for inquiries, hours of operation, or other details, where we can respond to your request within an hour or so.

In S.P.A., we offer the best residential cleaning services with high-quality standards. This service is not just about cleaning; we care about all your living and working spaces. Our main priorities are your health, safety, and satisfaction.

Residential Cleaning Activities

Complete cleaning

Horizontal and vertical surfaces, white goods, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Deep cleaning

Complete cleaning in offices and other spaces.

Sanitization and disinfection

We reduce dust and maximize the cleanliness of all spaces.

Maintenance of common areas

We improve the appearance of your residence to give a good impression to your visitors at the entrances, stairs, etc.

Window cleaning

Windowsills and shutters, mirrors, skylights, home doors, or common areas.


At S.P.A., we have a highly qualified team ready to meet the needs of our clients who not only want to live in clean but also safe and germ-free spaces. Our professionals offer the best residential cleaning services, distributed throughout the cities of:

Residential Cleaning BENEFITS

Why choose us?

In S.P.A., we use the best cleaning products to guarantee excellent and quality work. We have been in the industry since 2020 and we provide our customers with the best attention, giving almost immediate answers to all their concerns, booking in less than 30 seconds.

We have the best cleaning professionals highly trained, safe and reliable in Des Moines and Ames working as a team to meet the needs of our customers. Having a company that provides residential cleaning services has many benefits, especially if you don’t have a long time for these tasks.

Something that distinguishes S.P.A. is the quality control and data security system that we handle, leaving our clients with a good experience. And if you are not satisfied, we will withhold payment until the work is completed. Our service providers have ratings and reviews from other users to help you decide better.

We reduce hazardous substances using green chemicals (sustainable chemistry) and work with improved protocols. By doing so, we prioritize the health of our service providers and customers and if there is an incident, we can cover it.

If you are interested, you can call us at 515-619-6430 and you can also contact us by email at [email protected] to manage with our team the schedule. Or if you want to manage everything from the app to hire a house cleaner, you will automatically know how much the service will cost you, approximately.

Ramon Chalas
Ramon Chalas
Best cleaning company for big and small businesses around greater service always and better price
Rakisha Rightmire
Rakisha Rightmire
SPA is the best cleaning company hands down! If you want things done effectively and efficiently I wouldn't look anywhere else. SPA is the BEST in Des Moines!
Sarabeth Maurisak
Sarabeth Maurisak
SPA provides great service at a great price. Professional and dependable. Everyone is kind and helpful and great to work with.
Kathleen Nolan
Kathleen Nolan
Highly responsive and well organized. The crew does excellent work cleaning our law office and Kyle is a fantastic account manager.
Mike Lane
Mike Lane
Service Providers Association has cleaned for us for over 1 year. Best cleaning service we have ever used. I couldn't be more happy with their service.
Kali Brudos
Kali Brudos
Very professional! Raul has been wonderful to work with.
Steve Borlin
Steve Borlin
S.P.A. was our 3rd cleaning company in 5 years, and they have been a great service for our needs! They pay attention to details and pass that along to their crews in order to fine tune any cleaning needs that may be over looked. It has been a pleasure working with Kyle and Juan. Both are very friendly people who make you feel they really care about the services they are providing for the community businesses.
Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
Kyle has been great to work with and his crew has been doing a thorough and consistent job each week. Very satisfied!
Robert Wilke
Robert Wilke
We have had Service Providers Association clean our establishment (bar/event space) for the last 3 months, and they have not disappointed. Following each clean, I walk through the building, and they always complete the tasks we agreed on. They have QR codes you can use to keep track of their visits and if you need to report an issue. Couldn't ask for a better company to keep us clean!
Mary Blesz
Mary Blesz
Great customer service from the company! If we have any issues to ever address, they are timely, assertive and work hard with their team. Communication is great, and we always have a positive experience with their services and overall delivery!

Advantages of contracting our services



You will manage your free time while our company fulfills the cleaning tasks.


Promotes health

Leaving all spaces free of germs and providing good hygiene.


Competitive prices

Our services have fair prices adapted to the client and each specific case.


Highly qualified personnel

Our association has the best cleaners in the area. They work together to provide high quality in the cleaning industry.


Personalized services

Our company adapts to all circumstances and needs of each client, offering the highest satisfaction.


Deep and professional cleaning

Leaving every corner perfectly clean due to the quality of our products and the techniques used by the work team.


Residential Cleaning Services

Residential cleaning services prices?

To find out the average cost of our residential house cleaning services in S.P.A., it is best to contact us by the means of contact we provide on the website. For a thorough cleaning, the cost will depend on many factors; depending on the type and size of the house and the level of cleaning required. You can also request a quote through our website or mobile app.

What do residential cleaning services offer?

Our home cleaning services offer cleaning of all areas, disinfecting, cleaning windows and carpets, as well as furniture and all surfaces of the home. The improved protocols we apply result in a completely clean and refreshing home environment for the full relaxation and enjoyment of our clients.

What Are House Cleaning Services Like?

Our work at S.P.A. is personalized and tailored to the needs of professionals, homeowners, and families who are unable to do these tasks themselves. Our team of professional cleaners is properly prepared to offer excellent customer service and ensure a clean and refreshing home environment.

Why Choose a Home Cleaning Service?

Our company not only has an excellent work team, but we also have the best cleaning products with which we guarantee a job well done and of excellent quality. This is due to the use of green chemicals, which keep environmental risks at bay, therefore, we protect the health of our clients. The cleaning professionals are properly trained and qualified for all activities to be carried out.

Residential cleaning services near me?

If you need a house cleaning services, S.P.A. has a whole team of cleaners who will take care of leaving all spaces completely clean, germ-free and very safe. We distribute our services in:

  • Des Moines Metro
  • Ames Metro

List of residential cleaning services to choose from?

The home deep cleaning services we offer at S.P.A. are the following:

  • Full Cleaning: which covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces, furniture, bathrooms, etc.
  • Deep Cleaning: both in offices and in any other space.
  • Sanitation and Disinfection: through this activity, dust is reduced and the cleaning of all spaces is further extended.
  • Common Area Maintenance: giving a good image and impression in the appearance of your spaces.
  • Window Cleaning: as well as mirrors, skylights, doors, among others.

House cleaning services for seniors?

We offer a cleaning service specialized in the care of seniors, always guaranteeing their health and safety. We leave the spaces completely free of germs and tidy up the place, thus avoiding accidents from poorly placed objects.