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Construction Cleaning Services for post construction cleanup

After your construction is complete and all debris has been removed, our professionals will prepare your space for move-in. Are you a recent contractor who is left with a mess after completing a project? It can be stressful enough to have to clean up after a job. SPA’s post construction cleaning services will make your project move from construction site to cleanstead. Our commercial  cleaning service delivers eco-friendly and non-toxic floor-to-ceiling commercial cleanings.

We have a range of services and programs to meet all your post-construction needs. Our cleaning professionals have the tools and experience to make your commercial building look like new again, no matter how small or large. SPA Clean can make your commercial building inviting, clean, and comfortable, no matter what service you choose. We work closely with contractors to ensure that your deadlines and timelines are met.

Clean, Down to the last detail | Best post construction cleaning services in Iowa

With our post-construction cleaning services, our experts will make sure your commercial space shines from floor till ceiling. We pay close attention to details like trims, horizontal and vertical ledges, baseboards and light fixtures in order to minimize dust from construction and drywall and maximize cleanliness. Once we have cleaned every corner and crevice, you can turn the key to get started.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Clean walls of dirt, dust, and smudges

  • Dust surfaces, woodwork, fixtures, ceiling fans, and other items.

  • Clean trim, baseboards and window frames

  • Interior masonry that is clean

  • Take off stickers from windows and glass

  • Clean your window blinds, inside cabinets and inside closets

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Your commercial building project, no matter how large or small, should be treated with care. Cleaning chemicals can cause reactions to certain surfaces and materials. Be careful when choosing cleaning products. 

SPA’s cleaning specialists have the expertise and green chemicals necessary to make sure your project is handled with care. All of our products are safe for the family and non-toxic. They are as effective as chemical counterparts, but they are also free from allergens and irritants. Our commercial cleaning team is overseen by a quality associate who ensures that they deliver on our brand’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Post construction cleaning services | Advanced Cleaning Processes

We offer more than a regular construction cleaning service. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers get the best cleaning possible. We are able to do a thorough job that our competitors don’t have. Our SPA Technics(r), cleaning technologies include American Lung Association-approved HEPA filtration vacuums and our MR Shield(r), Germ and Odor neutralization system that eliminates odors and 99.99% germs, bacteria and viruses.


Frequently asked questions about our

Construction Cleaning Services​

For years, through our post construction cleaning services, we have provided non-toxic and environmentally friendly commercial solutions from floor to ceiling. In addition, we have a wide range of programs to meet all of your construction site needs. These include:

  • Wall and floor cleaning to remove all dirt, dust, paint stains, etc.
  • Dust cleaning of surfaces, aluminum carpentry, wood, glass, accessories, ceiling fans, and other items.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets and kitchens.
  • Cleaning of moldings, baseboards, light points, and window frames.
  • Removing labels and stickers on glass, windows, elevators, furniture, and toilets.
  • Interior masonry cleaning.
  • Dusting and cleaning of blinds, interior cabinets, interior closets, and all existing or newly installed furniture.

During post construction cleaning our SPA cleaning experts pay special attention to details such as moldings, shelves, baseboards, and light fixtures to reduce construction dust and drywall.


It is a specialized service focused on individuals and companies. It consists of deep cleaning and sanitation that aims to remove all the dirt that accumulates in the process of work or reform, to ensure prompt use of the remodeled facilities such as offices, shops, apartments, or other properties. After work, we leave your spaces ready to be used with total security.

Regular move out cleaning service is not enough to remove this type of dirt; dust, paint, cement, and other construction materials accumulate for days and are difficult to remove. That is why in SPA, we offer our customers; cleaning specialists to keep everything in perfect condition and ensure the healthiness of all your spaces.

We cannot estimate the average duration of a post construction cleaning service. The average service time may vary depending on the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Our experts will not leave your facility without completing a thorough cleaning. At the end of the service, we guarantee that you will be able to enjoy every corner of your commercial space in comfort.

Yes, we do. SPA is not only a commercial cleaning services company we also offer specialized services, including disinfection, carpet and window care; floor stripping and waxing; office cleaning, among others.

For more information, please contact us.

We are industry leaders with many years of experience in move out cleaning services. Our dedication, reliability, consistency, safety, and green cleaning are just part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We also have specialized staff working on the front line to ensure that your experience is always the best.

  • Our experts will clean your buildings to leave them in top condition.
  • All-inclusive service (staff, products, equipment, machinery), you only focus on your construction.
  • We guarantee not to finish the work until your complete satisfaction and compliance.
  • We fulfill terms according to service agreements, quality, punctuality, and attention to details.
  • We are fully prepared to meet your needs after a construction site.

We know how difficult it is to remove residues of cement, glue, paint, and other construction materials on the exterior or interior of a property.

For more information, please visit our cleaning services for construction website.

You can request post construction cleaning services whenever you need them, because after finishing a work, remodeling, or reform in buildings, premises, or new properties; everything is full of dust, with remains of embedded cement, glue, paint, dirt, or hidden imperfections.

Post-construction work is a complicated task, and if not done properly can lead to terrible consequences (permanent stains caused by a chemical product, scratches on glass, walls, or furniture). For that reason, it is necessary to hire our move out cleaning services according to the situation and the strategies to be considered so that your project ends as clean as possible.


You can request post construction cleaning services whenever you need them, because after finishing a work, remodeling, or reform in buildings, premises, or new properties; everything is full of dust, with remains of embedded cement, glue, paint, dirt, or hidden imperfections.

Post-construction work is a complicated task, and if not done properly can lead to terrible consequences (permanent stains caused by a chemical product, scratches on glass, walls, or furniture). For that reason, it is necessary to hire our move out cleaning services according to the situation and the strategies to be considered so that your project ends as clean as possible.

Currently, our commercial cleaning company offers its move out cleaning services
 in the state of Iowa. However, we always request specifications of the location where our services are required. We are constantly working on our expansion with offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids serving all of IOWA from there.

At our construction cleaning services, we make use of high-tech SPA Technics(R) cleaning equipment including American Lung Association approved HEPA filtration vacuums and our MR Shield(R) germ and odor neutralization system that fights odors and 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, always guaranteeing the best move out cleaning service possible. 

We have a rigorous safety protocol that allows us to carry out any post construction cleanup work without endangering our clients or our team of experts.

All those places and surfaces that require post construction cleaning and disinfection are suitable for the use of our construction cleaning services. They apply to houses, premises, buildings, companies, warehouses, schools, medical centers, training centers, laundries, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, among others.

It all starts with the inspection of the facilities. At SPA, we first carry out a previous evaluation of the service, analyzing critical points such as floors, walls, and spaces in general. We faithfully believe that having a well-defined scenario to work in is necessary to choose the right equipment and the most suitable products to be used for the cleaning tasks.

Then, we offer a personalized quotation to our customers. Once approved, the only thing left; is to set a date for our professional operators to come to your facilities and start the service.

To begin with, our staff proceeds to carry out an efficient, thorough, and professional after-job cleaning. All dust, dirt, and residual construction materials are removed from all surfaces (windows, glass, ceilings, walls, floors, bathrooms) using specific techniques, products, and specialized equipment to clean without staining or scratching the surfaces. Finally, upon service approval, the team will collect all remaining waste during post construction cleaning, leaving a clean and comfortable facility. Ready to be used.

Yes, all our cleaning professionals are insured, and our company has professional insurance coverage, which allows us to take care of any damage or incident that may occur during the work, ensuring the absolute comfort of the client.

In addition, SPA has a training department for all our cleaners to provide quality service, good customer service, and prevention of occupational hazards.
Does the post-construction cleaning service provide me with the cleaning products and materials?

Yes, SPA comes with a specialized and trained team to perform the post-construction cleaning. We carry the equipment, implements, and specific cleaning products for each required surface. In addition, we have a working method designed to achieve the best results in just one day.

In addition to knowing the most effective techniques to achieve satisfactory results, our post construction cleaning experts also use the most modern and sophisticated cleaning equipment to perform their duties. To remove dust, cement stains, paint residues, stones, paper, and other dirt from surfaces, our operators use the latest technology to increase quality and speed, such as powerful vacuum cleaners, brooms, pressure washers, and mops, among others.
Our range of equipment is wide. We have a specific solution for each type of surface. In SPA, we guarantee quality and good results for deep cleaning.

After a renovation, our professionals will clean every corner of the building. In this way, we leave your facilities shining; and ready to move in.

Absolutely! Our staff works carefully on every part of your property. They adapt to the specific needs of each type of cleaning, removing the dirt and grime commonly generated on construction sites. In the case of the floor, they will remove all the dust and scrub it thoroughly. According to the surface, as a general rule, they will use specific cleaning materials and products to avoid damaging or scratching the floor.

Our post construction cleaning service covers the following professional cleaning tasks:

– Sweeping and scrubbing of floors and pavement.

– Glass, windows, and metal parts: removal of labels, stickers, etc.

– Cleaning and disinfection of toilets.

– Cleaning of elevators and stairs.

– Cleaning of interior masonry.

– Among others.

Our goal is to clean all types of dirt and debris from construction or renovation, which often require specific products and technical expertise to perform an optimal and efficient post construction cleaning. And most importantly, we want our clients to enjoy the space without worrying about dirt and grime.

It is not necessary to be at the property while our staff performs the cleaning. However, we recommend somebody be there during the first day to give main instructions to our cleaners. 90% of our clients entrust the keys of their property to our operators to allow them to enter and lock up properly when they leave.