Commercial Cleaning in Ames

Trusted commercial cleaning services in Ames?

Enhance your work environment with trusted janitorial services in Ames. S.P.A. elevates your workspace with professional janitorial cleaning and any commercial space.

We understand the importance of a clean environment for your employees and customers.

Our personalized plans, of guaranteed quality and with flexible schedules that adapt to any business need, guaranteeing a clean and healthy work environment.

Optimization of Commercial Cleaning

Complete surface care

We provide comprehensive cleaning of all horizontal and vertical surfaces in various spaces.

Deep Cleaning Expertise

Meticulous cleaning of carpets, ceilings, tile, grout and floors.

Periodic inspections

We guarantee continuous compliance with our strict quality standards.

Flexible scheduling

Choose from a variety of cleaning frequencies, from nightly to monthly, to meet your commercial cleaning needs.


Uncompromising Quality

Our commitment to a strong quality control system ensures exceptional results and customer satisfaction.

Professional Cleaning Services Ames | Facilities

Explore our comprehensive commercial cleaning services in Ames, across multiple facilities! Our dedicated team ensures a pristine and germ-free work environment, leaving your space sparkling clean. Find your location on our list, or contact us for availability and personalized quotes.

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Effective Commercial Cleaning in Ames

Experiment with S.P.A. the difference

S.P.A. offers unparalleled commercial cleaning services in Ames. We prioritize high-quality work, using ecological products for the well-being of its employees and customers.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer quick communication and easy booking, with highly qualified, reliable cleaning professionals committed to their work.

You can call us by clicking Call us! button. or write to us for a quote in contact or via email.

Professionals Commercial Cleaning Services in Ames

Commercial cleaning services in Ames, trust us


Satisfaction guaranteed

Our commercial cleaning service providers are highly trained and experienced.


Licensed, bonded & insured

Rest assured that your facilities are in safe and reliable hands.


The highest standards

We comply with OSHA and CDC guidelines to ensure safe and healthy environments for everyone.


Comprehensive cleaning service

Of your facilities. This will improve the reputation of your brand.


Guaranteed deep cleanings

Available when you require it.


Brilliant results

Leaving a lasting positive impression on both customers and employees.