Tips for Cleaning Children’s Restrooms in a Daycare Center

Follow our recommendations for cleaning children’s restrooms in a daycare center

Keep and cleaning children’s restrooms in a daycare center is not easy. But it can be, not so difficult if you follow our advice. In a daycare are always two types of children: those who are toilet-trained and those who are not.

Most of the time, there are more of the latter than the former. Therefore, there will inevitably be a lot of messes to clean up afterward. You deal with children’s fascination and curiosity about even the simplest things. From repeatedly flushing the toilet to unrolling the toilet paper “just to see what happens.” Nurseries are never without cleanliness and tidiness dilemmas.

The problem, of course, is these dilemmas can quickly turn into serious health problems. Therefore, it’s best to keep daycare bathrooms spotlessly clean and disinfected. Consider hiring a daycare cleaning service, such as the one offered by Service Providers Association, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure that everything is properly cleaned and disinfected.

The best time to clean children’s bathrooms is once a day, late. However, when they are visibly dirty, clean them more frequently. It applies to toilets and sinks.

Tips for cleaning and disinfecting children’s bathrooms in daycare

Here are some tips and other recommendations to keep in mind to effectively clean and disinfect children’s toilets in daycare centers:

Clean from top to bottom

One of the best practices when cleaning bathrooms is to clean from the top down. This way, anything that falls or spills will accumulate on the floor, and you’ll only make one, at most, two passes. It’s an efficient cleaning method, which is necessary when you have to clean toilets in the middle of the day and need to get everything ready as quickly as possible for the kids; and if you have carpets, it is best to hire a carpet cleaning services.

Use hypochlorite to disinfect

To ensure germs don’t spread and cause illness, use proper disinfectant products after cleaning. For best results, use products composed of hypochlorite, which, in addition to being affordable, provides excellent disinfection. And best of all, you can use it on almost any surface in the bathroom, including tile, granite, chrome, and glass. Just be sure to use the right amount so you don’t cause any damage or irritation.

But, if you’re concerned about allergies, you can also consider using natural products that are often hypoallergenic and ideal for cleaning low-risk surfaces.

Color-coded cleaning supplies

In addition to toilets and urinals, are many other objects and surfaces to clean in a daycare bathroom, including sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, and tissue boxes. These may not get as dirty, but they should be frequently cleaned and disinfected.

Don’t forget to use different cleaning materials for toilets, especially the clothes used to clean them. It will prevent cross-contamination of surfaces, sinks, and counters. Color coding is a simple but effective way to differentiate (e.g., green for toilets and blue for sinks).

Separate cloths for drying surfaces to avoid cross-contamination. Be sure to dry them immediately to avoid slips and other accidents.

cleaning children's restrooms in a daycare center

When necessary, refill consumables

After cleaning and disinfecting, remember to refill consumables as needed. Liquid soap dispensers often need a refill at the end of the day, as do paper towels and toilet paper holders.

Hand sanitizers can be convenient for quick cleaning. However, it is best to have ready soap and paper towels in the restroom to promote proper hand washing. Place hand sanitizers in other common areas, such as next to lounge doors and reception desks. Of course, don’t forget to disinfect trash receptacles.

Disinfect handles and switches

Finally, frequently disinfect touched surfaces and objects, such as light switches, door handles, faucets, flush levers, and more. Kids are always near these objects and may become infection carriers if not cleaned properly.

Hypochlorite, as already mentioned, is more than enough to kill disease-causing germs on surfaces. You can disinfect such objects and surfaces several times by wiping them with a clean cloth dampened with hypochlorite.

Hire cleaning experts

Keeping nurseries clean can be a challenge, considering different children’s temperaments. But it can be double challenging to maintain cleanliness in the bathrooms because these areas are prone to getting dirty in the first place. For all this, it is best to hire the sanitizing and disinfecting services made by experts.

Either way, with the help of these tips, you can keep things safe and hygienic for the kids. Aside from your cleaning efforts, you can also count on professional cleaners to take care of your daycare’s needs by ensuring everything is up to par while saving time and energy that you can spend on the kids doing things they enjoy.

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