Which cleaning products are good for sanitizing offices?

Every company should always take care of hygiene and cleanliness in the offices

Not only to guarantee the best productivity in these spaces and to keep employees healthy but also to provide a good impression to users and clients. It is evident that the comfort of working in a clean and disinfected environment influences the staff to perform their work more efficiently and with greater commitment and satisfaction.

We know that it is essential to have specific products for each sanitation task in the workplace. The tools and cleaning products used in an office are similar to those used at home, with a few differences, such as the volume of purchase and some specific supplies, like those suitable for electronic equipment, glass, carpets, and others.

Many of these office cleaning products offer great results in maintaining hygiene in companies and premises. Hygiene is essential for optimal performance in the company and to achieve better results. This cleanliness can only be reached with the use of appropriate cleaning products, both for buildings and for the working team.

Therefore, we will show you the essential office cleaning products to perform these tasks effectively and maintain proper hygiene and sanitation.

What are the best office cleaning products?

There is a wide variety of office cleaning products and supplies that are essential to perform these tasks as efficiently as possible. Some of them are:

Floor mops, disinfectants, and bleach

This is especially useful to keep the floors clean because they tend to accumulate more dirt and germs. It is necessary to use a specific product for each type of floor or use those PH neutrals that are appropriate for most of them.

bleach to clean offices

Disinfectants can also be applied to desks, tables, and shelves to keep them free of pathogens. On the other hand, chlorine bleach is especially necessary for toilets, as it helps to keep them clean and odor-free. It can also be used on tiles to prevent mold and mildew.

With the use of these products, effective cleaning can be achieved by eradicating all contaminants found on these surfaces. In addition, it will prevent the emergence of certain diseases and contagions in the workplace, due to lack of hygiene.

Glass cleaner

It is one of the essential cleaning products to quickly and effectively clean office windows, so it is important to choose a good quality one or choose alternatives, such as distilled water or mixing this component with vinegar.

This product is not only used to keep glass shiny but also helps to restore the shine to mirrors.

Furniture cleaner

Depending on the material of the office furniture, a specific and different product will be necessary. To care for and maintain the condition of the wood of tables, desks, and shelves, it will be appropriate to have a furniture cleaning spray.

This product should be used on a cloth, to avoid scratching or deterioration of the furniture enhancing its natural colors.

Plungers and kitchen products

These products are very useful for cleaning employees’ lunch areas. Especially if the office has a kitchen with different utensils and electronic equipment (microwave, plates, cutlery, glasses, sink) at the disposal of the workers.

basic cleaning products -serviceprovidersassociation

For this, it is necessary to have basic cleaning products such as a dishwashing soap to keep these appliances clean, as well as a liquid plunger to avoid clogged pipes and unpleasant odors.

Air fresheners

The use of air fresheners helps to maintain a pleasant work environment, especially in air-conditioned spaces. These types of cleaning products help to avoid bad odors that can be generated, in addition, to create a comfortable atmosphere for the employees and to the people who visit the facilities.

Consumable hygiene products

Many companies include in their offices, a series of consumable hygiene products that are essential for proper employee hygiene; these are usually checked and replenished with their assistance. In these facilities, toilet paper, soaps or hand-drying paper, antibacterial gel, liquid dispensers, etc., should not be missing, as these are essential products to provide greater comfort to the work team.

Computer Equipment Cleaners

In most offices, there is electronic equipment such as monitors, computers, telephones, and others that need specialized cleaners, which help to remove dust and dirt, take care of the aesthetics, and do not scratch the screens. To do this, you can use a small vacuum cleaner, non-abrasive sponges, and alcohol, which is recommended to be applied carefully with microfiber cloths to avoid damaging the equipment.

Which tools are used to clean offices?

The main and most necessary tool is a cleaning cart with a double mopping bucket, which should be used throughout the day. Cotton mops are recommended to keep the floor free of obstacles and in other areas, dusters, brooms, and dustpans.

For bathrooms, a fiber cloth, cloth towels, and soft sponges that do not scratch surfaces are recommended. Protective gloves are also necessary. And for the floor, it will be enough to pass the cotton mop.

Waste garbage cans and garbage bags will be useful for waste disposal. And, for safety and accident prevention, it is recommended to use a wet floor warning sign.

What happens when professional cleaning is required?

A very frequent doubt among office managers is what happens when a situation arises that requires a specific type of cleaners or professional cleaning products, such as stain removal for carpets, extreme conditions of mold, pests, etc.’.

The best recommendation is always to turn to specialized cleaning companies that are dedicated to this type of work, in order to guarantee maximum security and a fast, effective, quality office cleaning service with excellent results.

This way you will save on costs, so you will not have to invest in more expensive cleaners, professional machinery, or specialized personnel