How to clean the office facilities with employees present?

You can follow these tips to ensure everything is clean and organized

Being able to clean the office facilities with the employees present, yes it can be done. Clean office space is critical to increasing productivity and ensuring employee well-being. Keeping things neat can be daunting when you need to perform cleaning during working hours.

Careful planning and consideration are necessary to balance the need for an organized work environment and the presence of employees so they can work as efficiently as possible.

Helpful tips for to clean the office facilities with employees present

To help you ensure minimal disruption to their daily work, here are some helpful tips to ensure that your office facilities are clean and tidy while staff members are at work:

1. Brief your employees

Before cleaning your office facilities during working hours, inform your employees about the cleaning schedule. This way, they won’t be surprised by the cleaning crew working near them.

Also, don’t forget to emphasize how crucial it is to maintain a neat and clean work facility. Encourage your employees to work together to keep their areas organized. Doing this will decrease the need to clean up during business hours and minimize the time cleaning staff spends organizing and picking up clutter. It ultimately allows daytime cleaning to be smoother and less disruptive.

2. Start cleaning as early as possible

You can ask the cleaning staff to start their work early in the morning, before employees arrive, to give them more uninterrupted cleaning time. Be sure to agree to this in your contract with the commercial cleaning company so you can set expectations.

You can also take advantage of quieter times when there is less foot traffic and when workers will stay in one place. It makes it easier for the cleaning crew to tackle larger cleaning jobs, such as mopping or vacuuming.

3. Clean during rest periods

Sanitizing and disinfecting during breaks is another helpful tip for keeping your office space clean while your staff is at work. These breaks are ideal for shorter tasks requiring less time and are quick to complete. Things to do during these 15- to 30-minute moments include cleaning shared spaces, disinfecting surfaces, and emptying trash receptacles.

4. Stick to quiet tasks

To avoid disrupting meetings or causing workers to become distracted or lose focus, perform quieter cleaning tasks during business hours. If possible, have janitorial staff only perform cleaning activities such as dusting, mopping, sweeping, and wiping surfaces rather than noisier tasks such as vacuuming or using loud machinery.

Benefits of cleaning offices during the day

Now, you’re probably thinking, why is it necessary to clean during working hours when I can schedule everything at the end of the day when there’s no one to bother? It’s more convenient to clean after hours, but cleaning during the day also brings many benefits that contribute to a more productive and healthy work environment. These include:

– Immediate cleanup of spills and other incidents

With daytime cleaning tasks, spills, and messes can be addressed immediately. It, in turn, can reduce the risk of potential slips, falls, and stains spread. The latter is crucial if your office has carpet cleaning, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

– Ensure the disinfection of high-touch surfaces

As indicated, the cleaning team can focus on simple tasks during working hours. One of these is to regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as light switches, door knobs and shared equipment. It significantly reduces the risk of spreading germs and leads to a healthier space.

– Reduces overall cleaning costs with regular maintenance

Periodic maintenance during working hours helps keep the office tidy and clean, which minimizes the need for lengthy deep cleaning sessions and ultimately reduces long-term cleaning costs.

– Demonstrates to employees that cleanliness and their well-being are a priority

Cleaning during working hours demonstrates a company’s commitment to providing a clean, safe, healthy workspace. It helps to boost employee morale and develop a positive company culture.

Hire a reliable cleaning company

The best thing you can do to ensure the cleanliness of your office premises, whether employees are present or not, is to hire a reliable cleaning company like the Service Providers Association that offers the most unsurpassed office cleaning services.

Professional cleaners are well-equipped to tackle any cleaning job, and more importantly, they have the necessary knowledge and experience in daytime office cleaning. These factors will ensure efficient cleaning practices and less chance of disturbing your employees while they are at their jobs.


Keeping your office facilities clean is essential to employees’ satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being. Although cleaning during office hours comes with its own set of challenges, implementing the right strategies can lead to a balance between cleanliness and employee presence.

By following these simple tips, your company can create a pleasant and hygienic work environment that promotes employee well-being and optimizes productivity. Remember, a clean office is more than just attractive at first glance; it is also a critical factor in a harmonious workspace.