How to do a proper office cleaning?

Offices are spaces where the volume of people is always quite high; therefore, the accumulation of dirt also increases

We spend most of the day in the workplace and for this reason, it is essential to adopt hygiene measures. We recommend hiring an office cleaning company so the tasks can be carried out in the most professional way possible.

Following precise cleaning rules and adapting the techniques and products to the type of surfaces and materials, it is essential for the result to be as expected. To ensure that your workspace is always sparkling, we share some very useful information on how to properly clean your office.

How and why should you perform an office cleaning?

The current sanitary crisis has highlighted the ability of harmful microorganisms, viruses and other bacteria to spread exponentially. In this case, company offices are harbors and transit points for millions of microbes. Therefore, it is not enough to clean the offices, but also disinfect them thoroughly. The cleaning and disinfection of offices is a sanitary requirement to take care of employees’ health.

How to proceed with a good office cleaning?

A clean and well-groomed workspace is essential to preserve the health of all the people involved in the office area. Saliva, hair, or skin flakes can spontaneously come off an employee and become lodged on the objects they touch.

office cleaning

In that sense, office cleanliness becomes a priority if the person is infected with a virus or disease. And many objects can be contaminated that will later need to be disinfected, such as floors, chairs, telephones and other devices, door and window handle, electrical switches, or desks.

With dust and dirt accumulating on furniture and floors, food debris left on desks, and sneezes deposited on glass surfaces, it is necessary to have office cleaning equipment in the company to remove it completely. Be sure to purchase good quality products that are proven to be effective both in open spaces and cleaning dusty, dirty surfaces.

How does office cleaning work?

There are several ways to clean offices, depending on the extent of germs and dirt, as well as the means available. Nowadays, it is possible to clean by air, or physically.

Air cleaning

Aerial office cleaning consists of dispersing a dry vapor of disinfectant contained in a mist purification device throughout the office space. This technique can be very effective with a good device, especially when used to reach corners of an office that are considered almost inaccessible.

Nowadays, this cleaning method is very popular as it allows complete disinfection of professional premises. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait so long to clean the entire workplace.

Physical cleaning

Different from the previous one, physical cleaning does not always allow access to hard-to-reach areas. This technique is based on eliminating harmful viruses and bacteria from the most crowded spaces through the direct intervention of a person (a professional cleaner).

To perform a good office cleaning, it is recommended to use professional steam cleaners, making sure that the disinfectants used are organic and without any added stabilizing agent. This ensures that the products used are not toxic to the workspace, or the employees.

How to clean offices properly? Useful tips

Before sanitizing your office facilities, make sure that the work areas are tidy and uncluttered so that the cleaning professionals can carry out optimal disinfection. After office disinfection, make sure that the objects usually handled by employees have been reached by the disinfectant. Carpets and curtains should also be cleaned frequently. As well as the following objects:


Depending on the materials, a different type of product will be used, but generally, this cleaning is done first with a feather duster and then with a cloth dampened with the appropriate cleaning solution. In the case of wooden furniture, with a damp cloth, an optimal result can be obtained. It is not recommended to apply cleaning products directly on the furniture to avoid damage.

Chairs and upholstered surfaces

Most of these require a special cleaning method. Mainly, it is necessary to vacuum the upholstered area daily to remove all the dirt. It is also important to clean it regularly with specialized cleaning products for upholstery and use professional equipment to achieve complete disinfection.

Telephones, computers, and electronic equipment

The first step to clean office computers and electronic equipment is to disinfect them daily to prevent bacteria from becoming a problem for employees, and then keep them clean with the use of cleaning products, taking care of them by not applying directly to the devices.

In the case of monitors, the cleaning technique is special, as they are very fragile equipment and some products can be harmful to their operation. Be sure to use a duster and special cloths for this surface with specialized products for screens.

It is also very important to purify the ambient, especially in air-conditioned offices. With a high-temperature cleaner, it is possible to use steam as a disinfectant thanks to its temperature, thus purifying the air and cleaning offices properly.

Finally, remember to ventilate your offices as much as possible and increase the visits of your cleaning staff.