Tips for cleaning elevators and escalators in your business

Elevators and escalators should always be clean and disinfected to protect your image

Regardless of your business type, the cleaning of elevators and escalators should always be a priority, to represent your brand and protect your image for staff and visitors.

In today’s architecture, elevators and escalators are indispensable, as they seamlessly move people and goods through large structures and multi-level buildings. These elevators are essential for accessibility and mobility in busy spaces, allowing people and loads to move from one floor to another.

We often overlook the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and operability of these vertical transports amid their constant service.

That’s why we’ll explain the main aspects of escalator and elevator cleaning. Understanding the value of their maintenance ensures hygiene and safety for everyone and enhances the overall performance and longevity mechanisms within built environments.

Why it is crucial to clean escalators and elevators?

Within the infrastructure of buildings, both serve as conduits that allow people, objects, or goods to move smoothly from one floor to another. However, their cleanliness is an issue that often goes unnoticed despite their great importance.

Elevators and escalators often experience constant traffic, thus becoming critical areas for dirt, germs, and debris accumulation. Neglecting their cleanliness poses a public health risk, significantly promoting the spread of disease.

Debris-filled elevator floors or neglected escalator steps can also pose a safety hazard. Accidents caused by slips or trips due to dirty surfaces can lead to injuries and operational disruptions. Routine cleaning reduces these risks, ensuring people’s health and safe passage.

When it comes to operation, keeping these access areas clean is critical to maintaining proper operation. When too much dirt and grime accumulates inside escalator tracks, escalators may not function properly. Regular cleaning of these machines ensures optimal operation and prolongs their service life.

Indeed, clean and well-maintained escalators and elevators promote a positive user experience within buildings. A visually appealing environment inspires confidence and reflects a well-maintained and well-kept space. These positive impressions can impact the public’s perception of the entire commercial business.

Tips for Cleaning Escalators and Elevators

While the importance of keeping escalators and elevators clean and operational is indisputable, the task comes with a unique set of challenges.

Below are some of the main challenges that are dealt with when addressing the cleanliness of these spaces:

Design complexity – Behind both of these are a myriad of complex components and moving parts. Cleaning these systems can be challenging and sometimes requires special equipment or expertise.

High-traffic areas: As they are in constant use and movement, it is hard to find a suitable time to perform a thorough cleaning without users and building operations disruption.

Diverse surfaces: When cleaning escalators and elevators, different surfaces and materials have to be treated, including metal, plastic, glass, and rubber. Each requires special cleaning techniques and products to ensure effective sanitization without causing damage.

Time constraints: cleaning personnel often have a limited period to perform their duties within buildings. Balancing the need to clean these areas with other cleaning tasks can be a logistical challenge.

Expertise: Achieving good sanitation requires more than just comprehensive cleaning expertise. It includes understanding safety protocols, machinery, and components of these mechanisms.

Resource management: Company management may prioritize other areas for maintenance or allocate scarce resources to escalators and elevator cleaning, resulting in inconsistent or poor sanitization programs.

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by hiring a trusted commercial cleaning company like the Service Providers Association. When you have experts handling all cleaning jobs, you can rest assured that everything is approached with a multi-faceted approach and performed by a specially trained professional staff.

Here are some tips to make the cleaning process and keep your escalators and elevators clean, functional, and safe for all users:

Establish a cleaning schedule

Create a thorough cleaning schedule with regular maintenance routines for elevators and escalators. Consider peak and off-peak hours to ensure thorough cleaning while minimizing disruption to building staff.

Use appropriate cleaning products

Try to use cleaning products suitable for various surfaces inside elevators and escalators. Choose mild but effective cleaners that do not affect machinery and surfaces.


Focus on high-traffic areas

Prioritize cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, buttons, and control panels inside elevators. Also, focus on steps, combs, brushes, and escalator floor edges, as these areas accumulate dirt more quickly.

Use specialized cleaning equipment

If you have hired professional cleaners, this may not be a problem, but better invest in tools and equipment designed for cleaning elevators and escalators. Some items you may want to purchase include a variety of brushes, vacuum attachments, and specialized cleaning solutions.

Do regular inspections and maintenance

Elevators and escalators require regular check-ups to quickly address problems, avoid operational disruptions, and ensure optimal performance.

Report cleaning jobs

Communicate the cleaning schedule to building staff and visitors to ensure that escalators and elevators are kept clean and safe for everyone. Transparency can help generate collaboration and understanding of those who use them.

Prioritize safety

Prioritizing safety when executing elevator and escalator cleaning tasks is critical. Ensure personnel comply with safety protocols, especially when maneuvering near moving parts or electrical components.

Conclusion about the Cleaning Escalators and Elevators

Maintaining the cleanliness of elevators and escalators within buildings is more than a routine activity: it is an important responsibility that links productivity, safety, and user experience.

With time and effort, you can keep them clean and disinfected. Following these tips and hiring commercial cleaning services from the Service Providers Association, you can keep your business clean and organized with spotless elevators and escalators.