Infallible tips for stripping and waxing floors

Stripping and waxing floors is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your facility, while saving money

Stripping and waxing floors from time to time is not bad. Since floors often take a lot of abuse from us. And although we don’t do this on purpose, simply walking back and forth on them, especially in high-traffic areas, takes a toll.

It’s inevitable no matter what; floors will change their appearance over time, and the worst part is that peeling floors; give an immediate impression that the rest of your facility is dirty.

If you take proper care, you can avoid this and extend their lifespan, preserving their appearance. All floor types require cleaning and maintenance, from stone floors to vinyl and hardwood floors to polyurethane-finished.

But how can you best maintain your floors? Professional floor stripping and waxing once or twice a year can be a good solution. Many steps are involved in achieving a beautiful, long-lasting floor finish.

Preparation, planning and products for stripping and waxing floors

To strip and wax, you need to properly evaluate the areas and types of floors you want to treat. Keep in mind that different types of commercial floors require diverse stripping solutions, products, and waxes. After you find the proper stripper and wax, make sure to have 2 or 3 mop buckets with water to avoid contaminating the products in the subsequent steps.

Preparation is key. You have to clear the areas of any obstacles, such as furniture or rugs, and be sure to remove any dust or dirt with a mop. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can easily hire an office cleaning service (specialized in any area).

When you have the surface clear and clean, it’s ready to move on to the next step: stripping.

A stripper is a chemical agent used to decompose dirt and grime to facilitate removal. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s application instructions and ensure its commercial quality and professional use to avoid possible surface damage.

Then apply the product with the help of a mop and a bucket all over the desired surface. Let it act for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Don’t let it dry completely.

Once the solution does its job, you can begin the scrubbing process with a floor scrubbing machine or polisher. Areas with less foot traffic may need more scrubbing to remove old wax. You should notice that the surfaces you are scrubbing lose their shine and become duller as you remove the finish. After mopping the worn finish, the next step will be to lift and neutralize the surface.

Rinse and neutralize the stripping solution

After scrubbing off the previous coat of wax, clean the floors to remove the stripper solution and wax residue using a damp mop and clean water.

Use a vacuum cleaner to help the surface dry and remove any remaining wax residue. Next, spread a neutralizer on the surface to remove stripping chemicals that could damage the wax and render it unusable.

Once the neutralizer has done its job, it can be rinsed and removed using a damp mop, clean water, and vacuum. After the floors are free of chemicals, let them dry completely before continuing with the last step: waxing.

Floor Waxing

As with the floor stripping solution, you must choose a proper wax sealer for your type of floor and the type of finish you wish to achieve. Multiple mop buckets are helpful for this step, as it allows you to separate the stripper from the wax, thus, decreasing the risk of contamination.

The floor must be dry before spreading the first coat of wax. A thin, even coat of wax should be applied with a clean mop over the entire surface, then allowed to dry completely.

Depending on the chosen product, additional wax coats and drying times are usually required. With good airflow, wax coats should dry within 45 minutes. Finally, not all waxes require buffing, but if the one you chose indicates that it does, you can use circular electric polish to give your commercial floors a glossy finish and a clean appearance.

Why do a stripping and waxing of floors?

If your floors appear damaged, a commercial cleaning service alone will not be enough to restore their appearance. Instead, it’s best to strip and wax them to make them look new. Here are some benefits of floor stripping and waxing to convince you to get to work.

Removes old stains and scratches

Stripping and waxing your floors will remove old imperfections. You will be able to polish the top layer, smoothing out any scratches and removing any stains, leaving an unmarked layer underneath.

Protect against wear and scratches

To avoid replacing your floors every two years, waxing and stripping will create protection against this regular wear and tear, keeping them looking fresh.

Avoid stains or discoloration

Dirt, spills, and debris can sink into floors and change their appearance by producing stains and discoloration. Once staining has occurred cannot be restored. Instead of worrying about replacing floor tiles, stripping and waxing your floors regularly will help keep everything protected.

Avoid tile lifting

When water seeps under tiles, it can weaken the glue and cause them to lift and break. Fortunately, you can avoid this by waxing your floors periodically, as the waxing process adds a protective layer by blocking potential cracks, thereby preventing water from entering beneath the surface.

Decreases the chances of moisture getting in

When it seeps into the floor, the floor not only looks discolored, deteriorated, and moldy, but it also looks warped. Regularly waxing your floors creates a barrier between the floor and any impending moisture.

Keeps a clean floor

Every time you strip and wax, you make your office shine even brighter. This process helps increase the level of cleanliness in the space, making it a more welcoming environment for employees and clients. It also makes the cleaning routine more effective.

Hiring a professional floor stripping and waxing company may not seem a priority, but it should be.

Maintaining your floors at this time will help them last clean and shiny for more than one season. It will help your company save on long-term maintenance costs and improve the appearance of your facility. At Service Providers Association, we offer our customers a complete floor stripping and waxing service customized to their needs.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Contact us and get a free estimate from our SPA floor cleaning and maintenance experts right now!