12 Tips to keep your office clean and tidy

Keep your office clean and tidy as this is associated with productivity

The order and cleanliness in our workplace also provide us with optimal functioning and good performance of the work carried out in it, that is why it is important to keep your office clean and tidy. In addition, maintaining good hygiene in each space will make us feel better and more comfortable.

Often, due to too much work or too little time, it is impossible to keep our office in good condition. But if you want to get the most out of your company, it is essential to keep your office clean and tidy.

It may seem an easy task but requires constant maintenance and supervision. It is a common mistake to clean our workspace, thinking that we no longer have to worry about it until it becomes a mess again.

Working in a place where we feel comfortable and find everything we need is ideal. For this reason, we show you some tricks to make your office clean and tidy. With them, you will achieve a comfortable and productive workspace.

Tips to keep your desk clean and tidy

The desk or office table is where we spend most of our time working and creating, so it is essential to keep your office clean and tidy. We must do the following:

Order on your desk

It is essential to maintain order on your desk or office table. You will spend most of your working day there, and keeping it in good condition will significantly increase your efficiency and productivity. At the same time, it will make you feel more comfortable and motivated to carry out your work.

Avoid accumulating unnecessary objects

Often, we all tend to store all kinds of things, either that we are not going to use or those that we have in excess, such as papers, post-it notes, pens, calendars, among others.

File obsolete papers

It always happens that, with so much paperwork, we cannot find an important document we need. Due to the excess of unnecessary paperwork we keep, it is essential to discard those without importance.

Classify documents by importance

In addition to removing all unnecessary paperwork, we must also use folders, trays, filing cabinets, and other elements to classify, store and keep papers and documents in order according to the use we are going to give them.

Have a paper basket

Getting rid of what we are not going to use is much easier if we have a paper basket nearby. We should not have excuses to throw away what we do not use. By doing so, we will gain much more space.

Do not eat at the desk

Frequently, we usually eat at our office desk. It is a big mistake since we should use enabled areas for it. If there are not, it is best to find another place to do it. This way, we will avoid the accumulation of food residues and a dirty workspace.

Have a disinfectant gel

This is very important, especially when working with the public. We must have a disinfectant to keep our hands clean at any time. It promotes cleanliness and gives our office a hygienic image, highly appreciated by customers.

Having filing cabinets

File cabinets are essential elements to have a clean and tidy work area. Unnecessary documents often accumulate in the office, and the sorting or throwing away of old papers gets put off. File cabinets help a lot to have a tidy office, even more so when it is a large company. This way, documents can be stored and protected, and at the same time, out of sight.

Daily checkup

At the end of your workday, it is good to review and leave your office clean. It only takes a few minutes and allows you to get everything ready for the next day. 

In this maintenance and cleaning activity, you should do simple tasks; like picking up the trash, cleaning and turning off the computer, filing documents, picking up the pens, wiping the desk with a cloth or duster, and finally turning off the lamp.

Organizing the cleaning service

Hiring an external commercial cleaning services is usually the most convenient for companies. However, to get the most out of it, it is necessary to specify the number of rooms to be cleaned. It is advisable that the cleaning takes place, at least two days a week. For example, one day, the cleaning should be superficial, and the other day, the cleaning should be more thorough.

Keeping the floor tidy

Another trick to keep your office clean and tidy is to keep the floor looking good. In addition to regular cleaning, it is best to polish the floor annually. This way, it can regain its natural shine, which will help your office floor look perfect all year round.

Be patient

When tidying up and cleaning the office, don’t let yourself be led astray by the initial disorder and despair. Sometimes the temptation to give up on the office organization makes us abandon this task in advance.

However, it should be clear that it may be hard work, but the result will undoubtedly be too rewarding to continue until the end.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Remember, if you want to hire a quality office cleaning service, SPA offers you the best service. We are a certified cleaning company. We can help you to have a clean and tidy office.