Tips to clean after a renovation or construction work

How to clean after a renovation in your home? We give you some advice

A property remodeling of some spaces, is a change that can be exciting but stressful at the same time. For this reason, we share with you some of our tips to clean after a renovation or any construction work, in a simple way.

In the first place, it is exciting because you are hoping to see a final result just as you had expected. But on the other hand, renovations are tiring and stressful because you will have to put up with a lot of construction work and noise during the whole period.

And in the end, one of the most tedious parts is the process remains: cleaning up and collecting all the debris and dirt; especially if you do not have on hand or availability of a company that performs construction cleaning services.

Among so much debris and dirt, it is common to ask yourself: where do I start to pick up? Before you get stressed and start doing it without any order, we recommend you to follow the following tips to clean up after a construction or renovation.

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Where to start cleaning up after construction work?

That’s going to be up to each person’s common sense and the nature of the job. However, there are always some general guidelines you can follow to clean after a renovation easier:

  1. Start at the rear of the property until you reach the front door.
  2. Clean from top to bottom, that is, start cleaning the ceilings and finish on the floor. This way, if any debris falls, everything will always be clean.
  3. Start from the simple to complex; for example, sweep the floor first and then vacuum and mop. Dust the windows and only then use a detergent.
  4. After cleaning the most difficult things, pay attention to the details: Clean the doors, light switches, appliances, and telephone, and take the opportunity to redecorate your property.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean floor after renovation. It will guarantee an impeccable property.

How to clean dust after renovation?

When finishing your property renovation, you have to take care of all the dust collected during the construction and masonry work as we know, dust is harmful to health.

However, although your first thought is probably to grab a broom and start sweeping, this is what you should avoid because all you will achieve is to spread the dust and debris from one place to another; instead of eliminating it.

To effectively remove all dust and dirt from the floor, it is better to follow these simple steps:

  • Open a room window and place a fan facing outwards to blow particles and dust in the air out of your property. Repeat this process in all rooms where renovations took place.
  • Use a vacuum to clean and absorb all the dirt on the floor. After that, proceed to clean the most stubborn stains. The result will be a spotless floor.

Deep cleaning of ceilings and walls after a construction work

For a deep clean after a renovation, eliminating all the dust from the building, you have too to remove the dirt that usually accumulates on the ceilings and walls caused by different tools for remodeling. To do this, we advise you to follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill a container with water and insert a mop into the bucket until it is wet.
  2. Before using it, the mop mustn’t have excess water. You should squeeze it well until you notice that it does not spill a single drop.
  3. Once the mop is ready, you will have to place it in the corner between the ceiling and the wall, and you will have to scrub them as if it were a floor.
  4. When you finish that area, you should rinse the mop and dip it back into the water to continue cleaning around.

After a renovation, how do you clean the objects?

After removing all the debris and dirt from walls and floor, the next thing you should do is to clean all the objects on your property. Although you may cover them with plastic to avoid damage, dust will have accumulated on them.

To clean after a renovation or construction, fill a bucket with water and detergent and then dip a clean cloth in it. It is better to use additives such as detergent because if you use just water to clean, the only thing you will achieve is to drag the dirt from one place to another.

When you have the cloth soaked with water and detergent, squeeze it well to remove excess moisture and start cleaning all your objects, such as electrical appliances, windows, tables, and other furniture. It is essential that every time you notice the cloth is dirty, put it back in the container with the mixture to continue cleaning your objects efficiently.

Best way deep to clean after a renovation

In addition to the above, you should also consider the following tips that will help you to complete the cleaning of your property after finishing the renovations:

  • Stains on the floor: in case there have been stains on the floor after the reform, to remove them try to moisten a cloth, either in soda or hydrogen peroxide, and pass it through the areas of the floor surface that are dirty and scrub well until they disappear.
  • Paint stains: to eliminate paint residues, a very effective trick is nail polish with acetone. Wet the paint stain with this product and then scrape it off with a spatula until it is gone.
  • Cement stains: if after the work also remained stains produced by cement residues, to make them disappear, the most convenient is to wet a rag with some descaling product and pass it through. You can finish removing the stains with the help of a spatula.

It is necessary to keep in mind that cleaning after reform is a complicated and exhausting task that will take time.

Therefore, if you don´t have enough time to carry it out, you can hire a specialized construction cleaning services company like us. In SPA, we know the importance of after renovation cleaning services so we put ourselves at your disposal and help you to make your property an impeccable place.

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