Tips to clean glass and windows effectively

How to clean glass and windows? We help you

Having a good window cleaning can be one of the main presentation cards in a house or office. But sometimes, despite being clean, they do not have the desired appearance.

The crystals and windows must be cleaned so that they are completely transparent as they were when new. Otherwise, the dirt accumulates and becomes very difficult to remove. Is a difficult task that requires effort and dedication.

There is nothing worse than having a dirty window or glass, regardless of how many times you try or which chemicals you use to clean them. In cleaning, quality products are not enough, but you also need to know what to do for the results to be effective.

 We want to save you all the trouble; we have some helpful tips for cleaning glasses in your home or office. Whether you are cleaning windows, a mirror, or a glass table, this will help you do it better.

Before starting to clean the glass and windows

Consider this to get better results:

  • Before cleaning the windows on the outside, use a dry cloth to remove the layers of dust. If not, the glass will be scratched when cleaning, so you will always see marks hard to remove.
  • If you use a glass-lipped racket, always use a cotton rag to dry your glass and mirrors, as you should remove soap or dirt from the corners.
  • If you want to do a thorough glass cleaning, it is best to start with the frame; to avoid dirtying the windows even more.
  • Before starting to clean glass and windows, it is best to cover the wall with a plastic roller to prevent the dust from dripping and staining the surface.
  • Avoid cleaning the windows on cloudy days, as the cleaning products must remain on the glass for a while to trap all the dirt.

Glass and window cleaning techniques

There are different techniques for cleaning glass and windows that can be very effective and provide incredible results. Some of the tricks to clean this type of surface and leave them shiny are:

Use vinegar

Vinegar is a product that, due to its composition, can remove all the accumulated dirt, thus providing an extraordinary brightness and transparency. To achieve this, you only have to mix ½ of vinegar in 5 liters of water and apply it to the glass of the windows. Once the mixture is in place, rinse it with natural water without mixing.

Coffee filters

Coffee filters are one of the most effective techniques to clean glass and windows effectively without leaving marks or scratches on the glass.

Warm water

To clean glass, use a mixture of warm water and soap. First, wipe with a cloth dampened with water, then wipe hard to remove dirt or stains caused by grease, dirt, or other staining elements. For perfect cleaning, use another damp cloth to remove the remaining soap.


It is a product that gives the crystals a spectacular shine and transparency. It is perfect for cleaning mirrors; to do it, add a few drops of alcohol to a cloth that has been wet with water.

Stain Remover

If the windows are too dirty, it is better to use a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of stain remover. This mixture improves efficiency and acts faster when cleaning. After applying and rubbing the most heavily soiled areas, it is necessary to rinse the sponge and then wipe the glass surface again to remove any residue of detergent.


Using newspaper is also an excellent alternative for cleaning glass and windows. Use it to rub these crystals; it will leave a small invisible layer that will make them more resistant to dirt. Of course, try to use gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands.

How to polish window panes?

The best and easiest way to complete the cleaning of window panes is to polish them with the help of a chamois or microfiber cloth, making sure that the rag remains dry. In this way, the marks disappear.

Besides using this method to polish the window panes, to keep them clean, it is best to clean them thoroughly and efficiently, regularly and constantly, to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on them.

For this reason, it is recommended not to wait so long to clean glass and windows of a house or office.

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