Tips to clean office wooden tables

When you need to clean office wooden tables, take into account also the chairs and other furniture

To clean office wooden tables is important? Of course, are one of the most used objects in the workplace, but also one of the objects where most mistakes are made during office cleaning. Proper care is essential not only for the wood to be maintained but also for the table to keep its original appearance for a long time.

It is important not to overuse water to clean them, as it could ruin them. Just as a single wipe with a cloth is not enough for them to be completely clean, as these tables usually accumulate a lot of dirt.

This is caused by the fact that our body has thousands of microorganisms, which we transfer from our skin to the work surface.

However, there are other objects used in the office that are considered “pathogen territory” and we place them on the desk daily, such as coffee cups, telephones, pens, notebooks, etc. To clean wooden desks without damage, it is recommended to use special products and adopt precautions to eliminate all the existing microbes avoiding the risk of contracting a respiratory disease.

Therefore, we offer you several tips on how to clean the wooden tables of your office, to fight all the dirt and microorganisms effectively.

cleaning wooden furniture in the office

How to clean wooden desks effectively?

To clean office wooden tables correctly and make them completely shiny and sanitized, the first thing you must do is wear gloves and masks and remove all the objects you have in sight, such as pens, papers, computers, phones.

Once you have cleared the area, it is important to follow these basic steps that cannot be ignored in the care of wooden desks:

1. Regularly clean wooden desks

Once you’ve cleared the desk, you’ll be amazed at how much dirt lies underneath, because your desk can have about 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. That’s why you should clean your desk regularly, at least twice a month.

2. Remove dust before applying any product

This is one of the most important steps when cleaning this type of desk. Start by dusting the table with a slightly damp or dry cloth.

3. Test the cleaning product on non-visible areas of the table

Before applying any cleaning product on the surfaces of the table, it must be tested previously, as this will rule out any damage it may cause to the wood. Never use abrasive substances such as ammonia, bleach, alcohol, pressurized water devices, etc. to clean wooden tables.

4. Clean the top surface of the table

This is where the most dirt and germs usually accumulate. So, to clean it thoroughly, first wipe it with a clean cloth to remove dust and surface dirt. Then, mix equal parts soap and water. Dampen a cloth in the mixture and wipe the surface in a circular motion. Wring out the cloth and dry the surface with a new one.

To make sure your wooden table is germ-free, use an antibacterial product and a damp cloth to wipe the surface until it is completely clean. Finally, don’t forget to wipe the edges and dry them. Remember to keep an antibacterial gel on your desk and use it regularly to prevent the risk of spreading bacteria.

5. Clean your desk drawers

This is not a place that is cleaned frequently, so it can accumulate a lot of dirt. To clean office wooden tables like an professional, first, remove the desk drawers and clean both the inside and outside with water, soap, and disinfectant to remove any stains. Then, with a feather duster remove all the dirt from the inside and let it dry.

6. Clean the table legs

To leave your desk neat, you can’t forget to clean the table legs, as this is an area where the dust often accumulates.

7. Avoid eating on your desk

You’ve already done your best to clean and disinfect your office desk, you don’t want to spoil your hard work by eating lunch on your desk. Food is the biggest problem when it comes to dirty desks, bad odor, and general lack of cleanliness, so the best way is to avoid eating on your desk.

Do your wooden tables need professional cleaning?

Don’t have time to clean? Don’t worry; there are specialized companies in office cleaning that can help if you don’t know how to leave your wooden office desks in the best conditions to prevent the spreading of microorganisms and the possible transmission of certain diseases.