Tips to effectively clean your gym

We will give you the best tips to effectively clean your gym and without worries

We have for you the best tips to effectively clean your gym, because we know that having a gym is a great way to always stay in shape, but there s probably one thing you dread: keeping it clean. Getting rid of all the sweat, germs, and bacteria can be a nightmare, especially when it’s constant.

And that is maintaining good hygiene in the gym or fitness center has always been important, but now it’s more critical than ever. Protecting your customers and employees from harmful pathogens and contaminants is vital to the long-term success of your business. With the increased competition in the industry, your brand’s reputation is at risk if your gym doesn’t meet standards in terms of appearance, equipment, and cleanliness.

But don’t despair. In this post, we have compiled the best tips to improve the cleanliness and hygiene of your gym and keep it always in top condition.

Let’s get started!

Remove dust and dirt

The first step in any cleaning process is to remove dust and dirt from all horizontal and vertical surfaces, including exercise equipment, racks, lighting, and fans. Use a microfiber cloth dampened in soapy water to trap rather than spread dust, working from the top to the bottom of the facility. It is convenient in all areas of your fitness center to keep the air clean since this is where the heart rate accelerates and the lungs expand.

Clean the free weights well

One of the most germ-filled places in any gym is usually the free weights section. Dumbbells and barbells, in particular, are breeding grounds for germs because they are in constant use. Frequent use of cleaning wipes and sprays is a good way to keep the free weights section sanitized.

Pay special attention to cardio machines

Another place where germs accumulate in a gym; is on the cardio machines, especially on the buttons. Buttons are touched many times a day, so it’s not surprising that they can become a haven for various strains of bacteria. So be sure to clean your cardio machines regularly with the help of an antibacterial spray, this way, you’ll keep it cleaner and your clients healthier.

Provide paper towels

It’s also a good idea to offer paper towels to your clients so they can clean the machines after they’ve finished their workouts. We recommend placing a sign asking them to wipe them down with a paper towel after use.

Provide hand sanitizer

Another favorable option is to install a hand sanitizer dispenser. This way, your customers and employees can quickly clean their hands after using the gym equipment and machines. Hand sanitizers are not exclusively for hospitals; it is also a great addition to gyms!

Clean the floor

Don’t hesitate to get your gym floor as clean as possible. While this task will require daily execution, the best way to clean your gym floor will depend on the type of flooring material you have in your fitness center. Based on it, you’ll know the right tasks that will streamline the process and ensure a level of deep cleaning that all your clientele will be proud of:

– Carpet: deep vacuum the surface and steam clean the carpet at least twice a year.

– Rubber floors: use a stiff brush to loosen residue and debris, vacuum with a soft bristle head, and then damp mop the surface.

– Hardwood or tile: sweep or vacuum the floor before mopping.

Make your mirrors shine

The best option for cleaning your mirrors is to use a commercial glass cleaner or a vinegar and water solution to clean dust and remove fingerprints from mirrors. After spraying, use a squeegee to remove and wipe the edges with newspaper or a microfiber cloth for a perfect clean.

Clean locker and restrooms

High-contact surfaces in these areas, such as door handle, faucet handles, toilet seats, and toilet handles, should be cleaned more than once a day. Everything else, including toilets, sinks, and floors, can be cleaned once a day.

Watch out for mold in bathrooms!

Bathrooms are generally warm and humid, which is the perfect environment for mold to develop and spread. You should be aware of any appearing in your gym’s restrooms and take appropriate action if you see mold growing. Hydrogen peroxide 3% is ideal for combating mold, or a mixture of soap and baking soda will be very helpful.

Clean your yoga mats

According to studies, yoga mats are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and viruses. They can harbor parasites, including streptococcus bacteria, ringworm, and athlete’s foot. So, if you have yoga mats in your gym, keep them clean and disinfected. A spray and wipe will usually do the trick, but if you want a deeper clean, try putting them in a washing machine.

Don’t forget the office and reception area

You have to focus on the exercise equipment and machines that people touch all day at the gym, but don’t forget about other high-touch surfaces and items. At least once a day, thoroughly clean and disinfect the front desk, computer, keyboards and tablet screens, phone, and anything else touched in your gym office. If clients use touch screens to log in or record workouts, clean them several times a day.

Give your gym a thorough cleaning

In addition to the other tips to effectively clean your gym listed above, include periodic deep cleanings when there are no customers. It could be a day you close the facility for cleaning or staff training.

When you open your facility after an event such as a pandemic, it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning. Even if you don’t know anyone sick in your facility, it’s a good time to rely on a professional cleaning service. If you want to do it yourself, ensure the space is well-ventilated while cleaning, wear protective gear, and use recommended cleaning products to disinfect and get a deep cleaning.

Hire a commercial cleaning company

Hiring a commercial cleaning company like Service Providers Association can be a great way to keep your gym clean and neat at all times. After all, why try to do the job yourself when you can hire professionals to do it for you?

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